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We are in the process of funding our second HANWASH Global Grant for phase two in the Cavaillon Commune in Haiti. This $300,000 project is in one of the Pilot Project areas. If you are interested in supporting this grant (Global Grant #2014851), please contact our Grants team!

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“…Water is essential for good living conditions and the people of Haiti deserve to have it…”

Barry Rassin Barry Rassin Rotary International President 2018-19

“The progress of humanity is closely linked to the control and availability of water, especially drinking water...”

Honourable Jack Guy Lafontant Honourable Jack Guy Lafontant Former Prime Minister of Haiti

“Water is Life, it is fundamental to our existence…”

Ron Denham Ron Denham Chair-emeritus, WASRAG

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vmess节点和ssDecember 2018: The Rotarian: Interview with Jeremy Hurst and the HANWASH initiative. Download

vmess节点最新May 22nd 2018: Rotary and DINEPA Protocol Accord: Rotary District 7020 and DINEPA have entered into an historic agreement to work together to tackle Haiti’s biggest challenge: clean water for all.  .

Jan 27th 2018; HANWASH WORKSHOP SUCCESS: HANWASH held its first Workshop in Port au Prince on January 26th and 27th 2018 at the Kinam Hotel in ….

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